Team members


Coordinator Olga Ameixa is an ecologist with expertise in entomology. She has a vast experience in insect biodiversity, ecology, biocontrol, rearing, and in the development of nature based solutions. She has participated in several national and international projects.




lillebo2019low_1Co-coordinator Ana Lillebø is a biologist with expertise in Ecology and biodiversity of coastal ecosystems. She has developed research  in the fields of  anthropogenic impacts and environmental chemistry, nutrient dynamics and the environmental quality status, ecological process and functional traits supporting coastal ecosystem services, namely wetlands (seagrasses and salt marshes); nature based solutions in applied ecology.


catarinaCatarina Prado e Castro is a biologist with expertise in entomology. She has developed research mainly in the field of forensic entomology and has experience in Diptera taxonomy, ecology and rearing.





Marisa Pinho graduated in biomedical sciences and earned a master’s degree in biochemistry. She works mainly in the field of mass spectrometry, more specifically in the analysis and characterisation of lipids through this technique.




RosárioMaria do Rosário Domingues has expertise in Lipidomics and analysis of biomolecules by using mass spectrometry based analytical strategies. She has developed research  in the identification of new lipidomes of different organisms (algae, marine organisms, foodstuff, others) as a tool to define new identity codes  for  traceability, nutrition valorization and  bioprospecting.


elisabete.jpgElisabete Maciel is a biochemist with expertise in lipidomics. She has been using mass spectrometry-based methodologies in marine biological resources for the elucidation of structure-biological activity relationships of add-value components and their biotechnological applications.



ricardo.jpgRicardo Calado has a background in aquaculture and marine biotechnology. He has used fatty acids and lipidomic analysis to fine tune the nutritional profile of organisms used as novel ingredients for marine aquafeeds.



Ana DiasAna Cláudia Dias has a background in environmental engineering and has been developing research in the field of environmental management tools, in particular those based on life cycle thinking, such as life cycle assessment, carbon footprint and life cycle sustainability assessment.